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Pipe Nipples

MOPIPE sells a wide variety of pipe nipples. As mentioned earlier, not only a vast selection of 2” x 6” pipe nipples as an example – but also no less than ten different types of 1/8” x 2” pipe nipples. And on the other end of the spectrum stocking and manufacturing 6” diameter pipe nipples in A106B, A312 and 6061 material, in Schedules 40 and 80. Where else can you order a 6” x 8” Sch 80 316L Seamless Thread x Plain End and the 6” 600# 316L Stainless Flange to go with it.

Pipe Nipple Material Variations

Pipe Nipples

  • Carbon Welded A53
  • Carbon Seamless A106B
  • Stainless Welded A312
  • Stainless Seamless A312
  • Red Brass CDA 230
  • Aluminum 6061T6


  • Grooved Pipe Nipples
  • Threaded Pipe Nipples
  • 8rd Tubing Nipples

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