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Forged Steel Fittings

ASTM A105 / ASME SA105
Pressure Ratings in 2000#, 3000# and 6000#
Carbon Steel

MOPIPE has over fifty years of experience importing Forged Steel Fittings for the PVF Industry and the Oil & Gas sector of the economy. In addition to the items noted below, we import the 3000#/6000# Bushings, Hex Head Plugs and Square Head Plugs. Also, we stock the OutLets in all the various run sizes.

All the various shapes noted below are carried in threaded and socket weld form.

2000#  3000# 6000#
90 Elbows 90 Elbows 90 Elbows
Tees Tees Tees
45 Elbows 45 Elbows 45 Elbows
Crosses Crosses Crosses
Couplings Couplings
Unions Unions
90 Street Ells Caps

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